Planning a destination wedding

Want to offer group payment plans for a destination wedding you’re planning?

Offering payment plans are essential if you want to ensure all guests can afford to attend. With SquadTrip you can build a landing page where guests can make a deposit and enroll in a monthly payment plan with auto-billing. No more sending receipts, invoices, or reminders, SquadTrip does all the hard work once they enroll in a payment plan.


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Money Transfer

The money you collect goes to your bank account daily

Here is a sample destination wedding group trip payment plan page:

Click here to view a demo.

Group Payment Plan Details

Free to use our group trip payment plan software for alumni group

There’s a 4% transaction fee that is passed on to the traveler

When enrolled in a payment plan, your guests will be automatically billed each month based on the payment schedule you create

Reminders and receipts are sent automatically to your customers.

Your customers can cancel their payment, retry payments manually

Customers can also pay the balance early without any extra fees

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